Celebrate Suisun Valley's harvest

Harvest Celebration Kids

Celebrate the harvest with Suisun Valley wine makers and growers! Save the date for the annual Harvest Celebration on Aug 23.

This free event, ideal for visitors of all ages, including children, will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. A list of participating wineries and growers will be announced soon. Similar to Passport Sunday, visitors are invited to travel the “loop” through Suisun Valley, stopping at participating locations to enjoy specialty products and varieties right out of the field.

Activities at each location will vary but will include music, food, barrel samples, grape stomping, grape tasting, vineyard tours, winery tours, artist demonstrations, jam tastings, olive oil tastings and more.

This is a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors alike to celebrate this special season while interacting with the wine makers and farm stand owners to learn their unique story and why they choose to plant their roots in Suisun Valley’s soil.

More information on the Harvest Celebration will be available at www.suisunvalley.com


Meanwhile, as the the days have gone by and we’ve moved further into July, our Suisun Valley grapes are growing more and more dark. These days, as you travel the valley, you can spot the purple grape clusters on the vines from the road.

In the vineyard life cycle, this is called veraison, meaning the onset of ripening. It occurs every July and August and it’s always interesting to see as you look around Suisun Valley – or any wine region – how grapevines and vineyards begin the veraison process at different times.

Once the Harvest Celebration comes along, all of these grape bundles will be dark shades of purple. Until then, you can visit the valley, walk through the vineyards and see the changing colors up close.