Erickson Ranch and its unique pepper experience



Just listen to the sounds of that spinning cage, the roaring of the flames, the sizzling peppers. If you close your eyes, you can almost smell the succulent scents of the roasting chile peppers at Erickson Ranch Produce Stand and Dahlia Garden.


The arrival of fall signals the start of the pepper season and over at Erickson Ranch, the many varieties of spicy and mild peppers grown are alongside the pumpkins as the most popular crop of the month.


People come throughout the month to select pre-picked peppers or visit the U-pick crop, filling buckets and buckets full. One pound of peppers is just 69 cents and to roast an entire bucket is only $2. Roasting a bucket takes less than five minutes, with the mouth-watering smell filling the air as the heat rises and blackens the peppers.


“People have been calling for awhile now and we’d tell them, ‘come Oct. 1,’ and we got so many people,” said Julia, an Erickson Ranch employee. “Yesterday we had a customer come who wanted 10 buckets and they wanted them roasted so we roasted all of them.”


Erickson Ranch, located at 2482 Cordelia Road, is open Wednesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The ranch is home to  over 20 varieties of peaches & nectarines, and U-pick tomatoes, peppers, herbs, watermelon, pumpkins and flowers. The ranch offers only what is grown on the property. The grounds are beautiful, whether you visit in the summer or early fall.