Preparations underway at Larry’s Produce for harvest season

Larry's Produce is getting ready for the fall season! They planted 75 acres of pumpkins this year and will be ready for Halloween with a corn maze, pumpkin patch and more next weekend

The following article originally appeared in the Fairfield Daily Republic on Sept. 25, 2017

By Susan Hiland

Fall is just around the corner with the cooler days, the sharp smell of wood smoke and falling leaves waiting to arrive. Best of all, preparations for Halloween are underway.

Adrian Gallardo, 5, of Fairfield sat on the tractor at Larry’s Produce, which is at the head of three cartloads of pumpkins, and pretends to steer. His brother watches him to make sure he doesn’t fall off.

They came out with their parents for some shopping and were eager to see the huge pumpkins again.

Juan Carlos Gallardo, 14, is looking forward to the giant Napa pumpkins, which Larry’s Produce had on display last year.

“They aren’t here yet,” he said in disappointment. “They were as big as, like, half this tractor.”

Larry’s pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, from the funky ones with green lumps on top, the almost-pure white ones with green stems and the Atlantic Giants.

“The tractor is my favorite part,” Adrian Gallardo said.

The corn maze is almost ready to go and soon the haunted house will be spooking youngsters.

Each year, hundreds come to Larry’s for a bit of a scare.

“I’m expecting about the same turnout this year as last year,” said owner Larry Balestra.

The season of planting got off to a slow start because of the rain in the winter.

“We couldn’t plant until late,” Balestra said.

But the 75 acres of pumpkins came in just fine and are ready for cutting and shaping for doorsteps and tabletops. With more than 50 different varieties, there is a pumpkin perfect for everyone.

Larry’s will also have all kinds of edible decorations.

“It won’t all be just to look at,” Balestra said.

The season of spooky fun at Larry’s Produce will begin next weekend at 4606 Suisun Valley Road. They are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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