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East Coast wine makers visit Suisun Valley


"Suisun Valley is the heart and soul of our program," said said Ron Casertano of CFP Winemakers. "It's what we are most excited about. Our most premium grapes, the very best, come from Suisun Valley."

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A Day at Wooden Valley Winery


Wooden Valley has it all: food truck and live music days, views of fantastic golden rolling hills and picnic tables right next to a 1931 Ford Model A truck that really ties it all together.

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The future bodes well for Wooden Valley, oldest winery in Suisun Valley


When Mario and Lena Carlevaro Lanza moved to Suisun Valley to partner with the Brea brothers at Wooden Valley Winery in 1944, there was not a single grapevine in the valley. "Grapevines are resilient and can grow in poor soil," says Ron Lanza, Mario's grandson and one of the four brothers who run Wooden Valley Winery today.

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