Wine and horses at Ledgewood Creek


Beautiful and unique equine photographs are now being showcased alongside the wine inside Ledgewood Creek Winery’s tasting room.

 Mary Aiu, a longtime Suisun Valley resident, is showcasing over 20 images of her work, “For the Love of the Horse” at the winery through the end of April. Her pieces first went on display at the beginning of March and her opening reception April 5 coincides with Ledgewood Creek’s Party on the Patio event.

Like so many photographers, Aiu said she enjoys starting each new day with a camera in her hand, because she never knows what the day’s imagery will bring. While most of her subject matter comes from the natural world, horses are her favorite inspiration. She has two of her own and about three years ago, she began photographing horses that belong to Access Adventures director Michael Muir.

“Creating imagery that captures the spirit of the horse, whether it be a rushing herd of composited images, a friend in the field, or an arena performance, is a labor of love,” she wrote in an artist statement on her website. “Photographing the horse in free motion is a display of power and grace, a dance if you will, with each horse having their own unique flare. My ongoing collection of this powerful yet gentle creature strives to tell the story of this magnificent animal.”

About two years ago, as part of her ongoing effort to capture the spirit of the horse, Aiu began her collection of photographic imagery. Most of her work in these collections, “On the Run,” “Among the Trees”, and “Along for the Ride,” are composited images, where she extracted the horse from the original digital file and placed them in the backgrounds she created.

“I don’t call my work photography, as I take it a step further in the process,” she explained. “I like to call it photographic imagery, as it is all photography based, but not created with the initial camera capture.”

For more information on Aiu and her work, visit her website at

Ledgewood Creek Winery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The winery and tasting room is located at 4859 Abernathy Road, in Fairfield.

This showcase at Ledgewood is one of many special activities and events planned in the beautiful Suisun Valley this spring. Visit for more information. Plan your trip at
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