Fire Update

There are currently no fires active within the city limits of Fairfield. However, some of our businesses are closed due to air quality. If you...

Spring Adventures in Fairfield

Spring is breaking through the cold of winter, and with it comes the promise of new adventures in Fairfield

Suisun Valley’s mustard creates beautiful winter blanket

Our dormant Suisun Valley grape vines may be quiet and still in the winter months, but the mustard is in full bloom, creating a vibrant and mesmerizing sea of yellow flowers throughout the valley floor.

Suisun Valley Passport Sunday tickets now on sale

As the buds break on our grapevines and signs of spring fill the air, Suisun Valley prepares for one of its largest and most popular events of the year–Passport Sunday!

Downtown Fairfield plans Restaurant Week and ‘Taste of Downtown’

Downtown Fairfield has cooked up a delicious celebration for their third annual Restaurant Week March 7-14

48 Hours in Fairfield for Families

A weekend away, where you can relax and unwind, is just what you need, and we have that all here in Fairfield, CA

Cal Yee Farms offers a delicious experience for Suisun Valley visitors

Nestled on Clayton Road, well off of Suisun Valley’s beaten path, is a small store locals have considered a hidden treasure for over 50 years!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Fairfield and Suisun Valley

Celebrate your Valentine and the love you share this weekend in Fairfield’s Suisun Valley, where several of our tasting rooms have special events – and chocolate treats! – planned just for the holiday

The wonderful world of Jelly Belly

The free Jelly Belly factory tour welcomes family celebration and taste exploration

Plan your own progressive dinner in downtown Fairfield

Full of international flavor, downtown Fairfield is a great place to explore with family and friends for drinks and delicious dining

Birding in Fairfield and the Suisun Marsh

Year-round, the birding and wildlife viewing opportunities in and around the Suisun Marsh and Fairfield are impressive but it is the winter months birding enthusiasts look forward to most

Treasures await at Suisun Valley Antiques

Located at the historic Mankas Corner in the heart of Fairfield’s rustic wine country, Suisun Valley Antiques sits on over an acre of land overflowing with an eclectic collection of items large and small

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